‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’


Philip Frields and Phillip Frields

Plenty of typical small talk can be had, but some students on campus have decided that listening to their favorite Barry Manilow album or that new Busta Rhymes jam on full blast is the distraction of choice between classes or even on the way to the parking lot.

Mingling has more germs involved, sure. One undeniable fact aside, if “kids these days” don’t put their devices down every now and then to have a conversation I.R.L. (in real life), as the techno-geeks would say, we may have another problem on our hands, like the texting-while-walking conundrum of 2011.

Don’t be a troll. We all know how catchy the Foo Fighters are (or were, respectfully) but wouldn’t it be a little more entertaining to reminisce in the enjoyment you and a classmate had simultaneously while watching that new episode of “Hart of Dixie”?

Maybe I’m not being entirely clear. CBSNews.com cites studies that you should spend time on “socially connecting” activities to be a happier person. That in mind, it couldn’t hurt to turn your iPad off and give your waiting classmate a handshake and a smile to start. Then see if you can move on to a topic you both enjoy; how about that local sports team, am I right?

I just want you all to be a little more — human. It’s just a friendly reminder that it couldn’t hurt to stop acting like you’re checking your phone — partially because we both know you’re not that important — and start communicating with those around you.

Chitchatting isn’t this generation’s penicillin by any means. Obviously these are extreme examples by and far but it’s some serious “food for thought,” as Albert Einstein once said.

“Txt” less, talk more. I promise it won’t be painful. Feel free to e-mail me if your experience is on the contrary. ARC has a strong support system that can help your special needs specifically. And hey, I give a pretty mean back massage.

Anyway, creeping aside, there isn’t a person in the history of history that was ever against talking. Well, maybe Chris Brown. And Bobby Brown, who is reportedly looking for another “Tenderoni.”

Am I a man that makes many good points or am I a crazed conspiracy theorist that should wear a foil hat?
Who cares? Just talk about it.


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