It’s nice to be back at the movies

See what new things are in store as movie theaters reopen


As we get back to life post COVID-19, we begin to enjoy the things we missed, like going to movie theaters. (Photo by Collin Andrews)

Collin Andrews, Staff Writer

For the past year, people have been stuck at home with most entertainment outlets closed due to safety concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that our local counties have been rolling into reopening businesses, we have seen more activities reopen. Some activities that have returned include indoor dining as well as amusement parks. 

One particular activity that many can now attend is going back to the movie theater. I have already taken part in going back, and theaters are giving their audiences fun and new ways to enjoy the movie experience, including things that people couldn’t do before last year, including new theatre rental options and new seating procedures. 

Keeping safety in mind, theaters are requiring their audiences to wear masks at all times, except when eating and drinking. They are also keeping courtesy seats in between different parties of people to maintain social distancing. But beyond that, the snack bars are still open, so you can still enjoy your popcorn and candy that you enjoyed before the pandemic. 

On top of that, theaters are also beginning to screen new movies again such as“Godzilla vs. Kong” and “Tom and Jerry.” Along with these new films, theaters such as Century and AMC are also giving moviegoers a chance to rewatch classic films like “Star Wars” or “Back to the Future” to give people a good mix of movie fun out of the house.

One of the bigger new ideas that theaters have also started to do is allowing large groups to rent a whole theater for up to 20 guests. This information is available on sites such as Fandango and Cinemark

Upon arrival, all that is needed is the code that’s given at purchase, and how many people will be attending. Then, with popcorn and candy in tow, they’ll have a whole theater to themselves. 

I have gone to see two movies now, one at a rented theater, and one as a regular purchase, and it is honestly nice to be back in a movie theater. I was a big moviegoer before the pandemic and I missed the feeling of going to see a movie. 

With new ways to enjoy the theater, it is more enjoyable to go than it was before. It is less crowded now and with a rented-out theater, it feels far more relaxing than any normal theater. 

Combining the ability to rent out the theater and social distancing limiting capacity already, people are no longer funneled in feeling like sardines watching a movie next to a bunch of strangers. It now gives you the ability to spread out and be able to not have that trapped feeling, giving people a whole new feeling in a post-pandemic era of moviegoing.  

It feels more like being at home and watching a movie with a huge screen and amazing surround sound than being in a regular movie theater with a bunch of strangers. This gives an entirely new and refreshing feeling of being at the movies. 

So, as we roll back into life post-pandemic, people are dying to get out of the house and be able to return to the movies. With our counties allowing them to, many theaters are working hard to find new ways to keep their audiences safe, as well as bring fun new ways to enjoy the theater.