Opinion: Every class needs to use D2L

Desire2Learn is used by the Los Rios Community College District to help students communicate with their professors, check grades and see homework assignments. (Screen grab from LRCCD D2L)

Desire 2 Learn, the online classroom tool for all of Los Rios’ colleges, is a user-friendly website for students and professors to communicate and go through a course together. So why isn’t every class using it?

All professors should be using D2L, and all students should be compelled to use it, making it worth the professor’s time.

Many professors use D2L as their primary source to update their student’s gradebook and provide online copies of materials needed in class, such as homework assignments and lectures.

Students can take quizzes, email other students in the class, submit homework via dropbox and back up schoolwork onto the My Locker function.

It’s those professors who use D2L who seem to be the most organized and communicative with their students.

Moreover, D2L enables students to access class materials at any time, provided they have some internet connection.

That could help professors avoid annoyances like getting emails about information that could just as easily be provided on D2L.

In the mutual effort between professors and students to educate, D2L can be valuable as well.

Research has shown that students learn just as effectively in an online environment as in a traditional classroom. 

In a study by the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, results showed that “final grades were highest for students in completely online courses, and students in hybrid and traditional courses had the same average grades.”

Adapting principles from online and hybrid classes into regular lecture and lab classes using D2L could help student success. Successful students means successful professors.

So if the option to combine the two and make virtually every function of the class accessible at all times exists, it should be used both by students and professors more frequently.

To incentivise professors to use D2L, students must make the most of it, and participate as well when it is offered.

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Kameron Schmid
Kameron Schmid is a fifth-semester student on the Current, where he serves as Multimedia editor. He previously served as Editor-in-chief, Arts and Culture editor, and Sports editor. He is majoring in journalism and plans to transfer after graduation.

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