ARC’s student design team is accepting new members

Members work on average 20 hours a week and get paid $14 an hour


The American River College Student Design Team is currently hiring, in the fall semester of 2021, for students who want to improve the educational experience at ARC. (Photo via Pixabay)

American River College developed its first-ever Student Design Team this year and is looking for members who are willing to share their ideas in improving different aspects of the college, while also being able to work alone or in groups flexibly. 

According to information posted on the ARC website, the Student Design Team pays $14 an hour and is looking for a diverse group of ARC students to help inform the future direction of the college, improve student-facing programs, services, processes, tools and/or communication. The job will require students to work 20 hours a week.

The Student Design Team members participate in a number of design-related activities, which include providing feedback on how to make programs and services more accessible to students, assessing how systems and processes can be made more intuitive for students, analyzing policy and procedures, exploring and testing new technology tools and/or equipment, serving on committees and/or workgroups and engaging other students in similar activities on campus, according to the ARC website.

Stacey Burrows, an ARC Student Design Team member, says that they were encouraged to apply for the Student Design Team by Brett Sawyer, ASB Senate Advisor.

“Serving on the student senate got me involved in student advocacy work, first within Los Rios and then across the region with the Student Senate for California Community Colleges,” Burrows said in an email to the Current. “It’s important to me to collaborate with students, staff and faculty to increase equity and work towards social justice. During the pandemic, basic needs have been especially important.”

Burrows says that their role on the Student Design Team is to help out with projects and assist the supervisor with scheduling and documentation.

“Each month a new list of projects is released, often with a sign-up schedule in the form of a Google Sheets document,” Burrows said. “Depending on availability, team members sign up to participate.”

The Welcome Center and Beaver Cares have been a major focus since October, Burrows added. 

“There was also a recent collaboration with counseling to provide feedback on the student experience,” Burrows said. 

According to Burrows, the Student Design Team has increased student involvement across campus by providing opportunities to interact with administrative and support staff, faculty coordinators and donors.

Valerie Adger, ARC’s student support supervisor, says the Student Design Team is available for projects throughout the semester, both remotely and on-ground.

“The team is currently working on a project for Beaver Cares Basic Needs to determine the best methods to market to students for increased visibility and engagement,” Adger said in an email to the Current. “They are also working on ground to assist with the opening of the Welcome and Support Center as well as the Natomas Center.”

Adger says students who are currently interested in applying can directly contact her at [email protected].

For more information on what the ARC Student Design Team is and how to join, click here