Fall 2021 semester to be a hybrid format

The fall 2021 schedule will include both online and on-campus class options for specific majors


Students gather during Welcome Day on Sept. 13, 2018. The fall 2021 semester will be in a hybrid format that will feature a return to campus for some classes. Twenty-two “Impossible to Convert” Career Education classes and a few others that allow proper social distancing, while not reducing course access for students, will be returning to campus. (File Photo)

Heather Amberson, Managing Editor

Los Rios Community College District campuses have been closed, except for a few classes that couldn’t be moved online, for almost a year now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, the LRCCD has announced that the fall 2021 semester will be in a hybrid format, which is going to lead to an increased number of classes being held on campus. 

The fall 2021 semester will include a hybrid format with both online and in-person classes. There will be more classes on campus in the fall, but not nearly the same as before the pandemic, according to an email sent by LRCCD Chancellor Brian King and the presidents of all four LRCCD campuses. 

Some of the classes that planned for a return to on-ground learning are “Impossible to Convert” career education classes along with a few others. 

“Expanded on-ground offerings will include …(programs that have been almost entirely in hibernation for the past year), as well as a small number of additional exceptions where classrooms allow for maintaining social distancing while not reducing course access for students,” the email read. 

Due to constantly changing circumstances in regards to public health conditions, the situation will be reassessed and changed as needed, according to the email.

According to the email, the date for the fall schedule’s release made an immediate plan necessary, but in-person student services and business operations are still being assessed. The fall 2021 schedule is planned to be posted on April 5.

“With the publish date of our fall schedule rapidly approaching, there is an immediate need to identify a plan for how classes will be taught in the fall,” the email read. ”We still have more time, however, to assess ongoing public health conditions before making decisions about in-person student services and business functions for this fall.” 

For more information on the reopening planning and other important information, visit the Planning a Safe Return website