Clubs and Events Board discusses plans for future events


Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez, CAEB President Mariana Topich and CAEB Commissioner of Finance Jacob Kohl at the November 28, 2017 CAEB meeting. (Photo by John Ennis)

John Ennis

The Clubs and Events Board’s first focus of its November 28 meeting was to brainstorm and add to a list of ideas for Clubs Day during the spring 2018 semester.

Some of the ideas generated include a “spirit week” to celebrate school pride, a concert to raise funds for the Beaver Food Pantry, a faculty versus student game of dodgeball and a fun run.

In discussion about the upcoming Clubs Day scheduled to take place February 8, CAEB President Mariana Topich introduced a theme called “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” where students sit down at club tables and play different board games.

“So, I’m a fan of boy bands and the heyday of boy bands was the like the late 90s, early 2000s, right? And so for Club Day I was thinking from that famous Backstreet Boys song ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart,’ we could do that as a theme and then we have a table where we have games, like board games,” Topich said.

Plans for future Clubs Days have yet to be finalized.

CAEB Commissioner of Finance Jacob Kohl suggested to the board that clubs use Canvas to notify students about upcoming events next semester.

Adviser Juan Blanco informed Kohl that club advisers can set up a Canvas page for clubs to use.

“Your adviser can create a Canvas page for you, you just have to manage that Canvas page,” Blanco said. “That adviser, if you send them a flyer or information, they can post that information on Canvas and then all the club members that have agreed to be on that Canvas page will receive those messages.”

The first new agenda item of the meeting was a correction from Kohl to allocate eight incentive points to the Progressive Democrats Club for a mistake made last year where they weren’t granted the correct amount of points.

Incentive points are given to ARC clubs that participate in CAEB meetings so that their club will be granted funds by the board the following year.

Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez announced that the ARC website would be getting a new look soon and that ARC Public Information Officer Scott Crow might possibly stop by Thursday’s Student Senate meeting to brief the board about it.

“He would like students there to give more input and say into how it’s going to work out and look. He says that he has a demo ready for us and he hasn’t confirmed to come in, but he’s trying to get out of a meeting to come in,” Hernandez said.

Thursday’s Student Senate meeting is scheduled from 10:30a.m. until noon.