Students Submit Work for the ARR Publication:


American River Review art submission by ARC student in a previous edition. (Photo by Lidiya Grib)

Lidiya Grib

The American River Review is accepting art submissions for its annual literary magazine, which features different categories like prose, poetry, fashion, culinary and visual arts.

The ARR is a literature and arts magazine produced annually by American River College students; the well-respected publication regularly wins national prizes, according to its website page.

The ARR allows students interested in submitting their work to have the opportunity and honor of possibly having their art published.

This semester the submissions were held in February on campus; students came to have their art photographed to go in the award winning magazine.

Different forms and categories of art, such as paintings, print, drawings, photographs, sculpture, applied art, digital art, jewelry, ceramics and many other types of visual arts were accepted.

Although students are encouraged to submit work, it is not guaranteed to be published.

According to its  website, the ARR is a student-run magazine where they are responsible for accepting or rejecting submissions, writing, editing, deciding the layout and producing the final copy of the magazine.

The work that makes it into the final publication is decided by the staff in the class on campus. The process of choosing what goes into the journal is a long process.

It is an 18 month long process, according to their website, where “hundreds of pieces of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and alternative genre are submitted for consideration.”

Individual works are analyzed, read, observed and discussed by the staff until a “final vote decides which works will be selected, edited, and published,” according to the website.

Once the works are selected, the staff meet with the authors to discuss their pieces.

Aside from that, the faculty are only involved in providing the financial and legal aspects of the production.

The ARR 30th volume will be released on Dec. 9 of this year.

Submissions come in twice in a year, and each edition is the next year’s edition. The 2017 edition was put together last year. This year, the staff is working on the 2018 edition for next year.

Copies of previous issues can be found in the library on reserve, in the ARC bookstore, or in the English department office.

Students can support their local artists by purchasing the ARR journal at the ARC bookstore.

For more information, visit their website at: