Club Day, Beaver Week and upcoming elections discussed at CAEB

The Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board discussed the upcoming club day, elections week and Beaver Week in their meeting on Tuesday.

CAEB made t-shirts for club day, the theme of which will be Aliens vs. Beavers. They will be giving away the first 10 for free and selling the rest for $5.

There will also be a contest of which club has the most members dressed as beavers or aliens at their table at 12:30 p.m. Each club must pick if they will be representing aliens or beavers.

Leslie Milan Fisher, who is Associated Student Body Senate Student Senate vice president and Sigma Phi Sigma club representative, spoke about how her club will be remembering Leonard Nimoy with different alien memorabilia.

The petition period for running for ASB office ends March 24. Election days are April 7 and April 8. Students will be able to vote on e-services.

Manuel Perez, the dean of student development, spoke during the meeting about how all of the election packets are available online as well as in the Center for Leadership and Development.

He also spoke about how powerful it is to have leaders believe in someone.

“Don’t underestimate the influence and the transformative power that you have as leaders on campus to enhance, encourage and promote somebody else in the communities leadership by saying, ‘I believe you can do this,’” said Perez.

There will be vendors to help ARC’s student body learn about how they can run for ASB.

Beaver Week, which will be held in the quad, is also approaching and will be discussed further during upcoming CAEB meetings.

Fierce Vice President Justin Nicholson was one of many club representatives in attendance during the meeting. He spoke about the upcoming bowling social event on March 21 at 11 a.m. that is open to all.

“We are in the process of attempting to plan a ball, however we are running into difficulty with that so that’s very much up in the air… it’s pretty much just an idea,” Nicholson said when asked about the new upcoming events in Fierce.

CAEB Director of Activities LeslieAnn Dameron also clarified that the Color Dash is a community event that they will be attending not coordinating.

“Its open to every single person, not just students. It’s actually a community event, they’re just hosting it at ARC,” said Dameron.


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