Los Rios chancellor answers questions over lunch at ARC


Thomas Santos

Brian King (far right), chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District, speaks on campus Wednesday as American River President Thomas Greene (far left) looks on.

Thomas Santos and Thomas Santos

Brian King, chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District, held an informal lunch with students and administrators in the community rooms on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Chancellor King held discussions with staff and students about concerns pertaining to the campus and the overall progress of students as a whole. He opened the meeting by noting that this was a chance to connect in an open forum and to inform the community about future plans with the district.

One of those concerns includes undocumented students on campus.

“We don’t have a lot of data,” said American River College President Thomas Greene, who was in attendance. “We have to build capacity within our institutions. We have to use what is the most effective for students as possible.”

ARC students who attended the meeting brought to Chancellor King’s attention concerns about the food service here on campus.

Puente Club President Raul Gutierrez raised concerns about foods served on campus, nutritional value, and also the possibility of providing menus and prices.

“Providing food service is difficult because we don’t have what universities have,” said King.  “The planning cycle working through Aramark requires some time.”

“The Aramark contract is statewide,” King added. “Food is never going to be satisfying for anyone.”

Pilot programs for community colleges to offer bachelors degrees have been initiated. The Los Rios district schools are not seeking to participate, but King agreed that there needs to be more availability for bachelors degrees in our region.

Capacity on campus is a major concern because of compensation issues. King says that increased funding by the state will increase student equity.

“We want to make sure all students have the same opportunities and graduation rate,” said King.

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ARC’s Associate Student Body Student Senate President, attended the meeting to provide a presence for student government. She encouraged student participation, awareness and involvement.

Chancellor King ended the meeting on a positive note. “I get to go to all four of our colleges and they look great. There will be growth in the region,” King said.