Upcoming Club Day discussed at CAEB meeting

The Clubs and Events Board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 14 had a rocky start, as clubs are trying to figure out what they can and cannot do during the upcoming Club Day at the end of this month.

Latinos Unidas Club President Jose Rubio had some choice words for the board, expressing his concerns over what music should be played during CAEB’s “Geeks and Goths” event set to occur on the Oct. 30.

“This event only has a two-hour slot,” CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher responded. “There will not be enough time to accommodate all the heritage clubs.”

“There are a lot of Latinos on campus who want to show their pride for their heritage,” said Rubio. “Having a Latino soundplay will give them that.”

“All we are asking for is diversity at this event. Diversity in music, not just for Latinos,” said Puente Club President Raul Gutierrez.  “We would like diversity during Club Day.”

“I think it’s a difficult issue to address because there are so many cultures on campus and it would be difficult to address everyone every time,” Student Senate Director of Finance Laurie Jones said. “But possibly we can have a diversity sub-committee look into it so that everyone can be heard … I think Jeremy is in sort of a difficult position because he is trying to run an event and trying to accommodate everyone at the same time.”

Concessions for the event were also a topic of discussion, as Aramark trademark company is set to distribute refreshments that day.

“Only Aramark can sell the food. The school and the clubs cannot sell the food,” stated Diefenbacher.  “You can help Aramark make the food, but they would have to sell it for you.”

“I’m excited about it. I think it’s good to center around the holidays,” said Jones. “I think there will be a lot of student participation.”

There will also be a workshop at the Center for Leadership and Development office on Oct. 24 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., where students will be working on T-shirts promoting CAEB’s anti-bullying campaign.

Anti-bullying slogans promoting the campaign such as “Bully Free Zone,” “Be True, Be You,” and “Buddies over Bullies.” A handful of other slogans were set to be voted on as to which slogan would be on the T-shirts by the committee.

Randall Sly, a member of the public, brought up Operation I.D., a program of the Los Rios Police Department where students can register their bikes with the police to increase the chances it will be found if stolen.

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