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1 Comment on "Student Senate candidate forum reveals differences"

  1. I think that it is really funny that it is really funny the Dunning is pretending that “Outreach” is her idea. Possibly, she meant to say “she agrees with the idea”, but I for a fact know that President Fisher is the one who implemented the change from “Student Senate Meetings” to Student Senate Meetings, Workshops, and Campus Enrichment Events because she said that Senate needed to “come out of the board room and get back into the classrooms and breezeways”. I had never heard anyone talk like that before and certainly not Tammy D during her time on the Senate! This lady actually came and sat down with me and talked with me and my friends. I really appreciated how sweet and genuine she was.

    Tammy is well known for exaggeration and starting drama. Sure, Riley is controversial and can be a overly conservative jerk, but the total lack of integrity that flows from Dunning in order to put down others is overwhelming!

    C’mon lady you may feel you’re a better chance for us than Riley but at least use your own thoughts first! And yes, we’ve all heard her negative commentary about EVERYONE! Not cool. Not cool at all!

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