ARC in transition to new password protected Wi-Fi

Students working hard in the library.

American River College is making the transition from ARC-hotspot to the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) Wi-Fi network.

The new network hopes to fix functional issues, as well as improve security and performance.

The LRCCD requires students to sign into the network with their student identification number and password.

The closed network will reduce “flooding,” which is when too many users overload the network.

Having a closed network will also result in faster web browsing for students.

“This improves performance and security because less people are on the network,” said Linda Jurgens, supervisor of information technology and instructional media services.

If LRCCD doesn’t work, students can continue to use ARC-hotspot and then open an Internet browser.

ARC-hotspot will attempt to detect the device a student is using and create a connection to LRCCD.

Instructions will show up in the browser window, if this is successful and the student obtains a connection, they can use LRCCD every time from then on.

If the student’s device is stuck in a loop (keep getting the login screen even after logging on), they should look at the device’s Wi-Fi settings and make sure it’s connected to LRCCD.

Teachers give students assignments that need to be typed or completed online and the Internet is a part of an average student’s daily life.

ARC students have access to the computers and laptops connected to the Internet at the library.

The library isn’t just a place to check out a book for a research project, it’s also a place to study and get work done.

However, most students bring their laptops, tablets or mobile phones and use the Wi-Fi, due to the library being overcrowded at times.

“It’s just like the parking lot but with students instead of cars,” said Wes Sherman-Shackley, a Pre-Med major and library reference assistant.

The library is available for students Monday-Thursday 7:30a.m.-10:00p.m., Friday 7:30a.m.-5:00p.m., and Saturday 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

Students can also print their assignments at a cost of 10 cents per black & white copy and 30 cents for color.



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  1. How can I connect the WIFI with my chromebook laptop? I just bought this laptop and tried to connect to the WIFI. The WIFI required me to install a certificate. But my laptop which carries the OS system couldn’t support the certificate file.

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