2014 Club Days already planned

Natasha Honeywood and Natasha Honeywood

As the semester ends, some students could be looking forward to Club Day as a way to relax and have fun. Students can also enjoy the food, games and talent that every other club day has provided.

Club day is every third Thursday of the month and held in the area outside of the new student center. During Club Day you can find out which clubs are being active, see the talent of your peers and play games.

Club day provides students with a way to meet people on campus and showcase their talent.

This month there will be no Club Day because of finals, and school isn’t back in session until Jan. 18, but the Club and Events Board has the next three club days planned out for Feb 13, March 20 and April 8-10.

“Love yourself” is the theme for February according to CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher. “We will have a selfie booth, a wall that students can write on that will say “I love myself because…” and we will be ordering chocolate covered strawberries. “

Also planned for the February Club Day are games such as “How well do you know your ‘bestie?'” The improv club is one of the many talents Diefenbacher hopes to get to perform. Diefenbacher wants to do something honoring black history month, which is also in February.

March 20is “Art Appreciation,” although things are still getting worked out. Diefenbacher was able to confirm that there will be a pinata. April Club Day will go from the 8-10 because it will also be Beaver Week. The theme will be “carnival.”

CAEB is still planning future Club Day dates and activities.