UC Davis annex to host LRCCD students

Sharon Styles and Sharon Styles

Transferring to University of California, Davis will now be much easier for ARC students. Los Rios Community College District opened the first junior college annex on a University of California campus in January to aid students as they transition to the next level of education. “This is an outreach center for Sacramento City College, but any student from any of the Los Rios schools are more than welcome to enroll here,” said Jacek Kozikowski, Educational Center supervisor. At $36 per unit, the center offers more than 80 classes in a variety of subjects such as math, English, business, humanities, fitness and foreign languages.

According to Kozikowski, many students find it difficult to move from a community college to a university setting. Having a center on the UC Davis campus could help minimize students’ fears and uncertainties. “The classes we offer are part of the general education required for transfer to UC Davis,” Kozikowski said. “The bonus is that you are so close you might get to mingle and possibly get to know some people. But the same rules apply. You must hold grades up and follow transfer policy.”

History major Carlos Driver, 23, lives in Woodland while attending classes in Davis as well as at Sacramento City College. “Davis is a little easier to commute to,” Driver said. “That’s one of the advantages for people in Dixon, Woodland and Davis. They have an easier time attending this campus. You don’t have to deal with (Interstate) 5. The new campus is really nice compared to the old buildings,” said Driver, who plans to transfer to UC Davis next semester.

The 20,000-square-foot, $7.5 million, energy-efficient center at UC Davis features a library with high-tech equipment that recognizes handwriting and gives Internet access on whiteboards. A bond approved by Sacramento voters provided funding of the new facility. “We service 2,000 students now and have the technology and the space to service for some years to come,” Kozikowski said.

“Students should plan what kind of program they want. Be persistent and patient in following up on that program,” said Don Palm, the dean of the Davis Center of SCC. “We don’t have science labs. They would have to take science courses at another Los Rios facility. Fundamentally, we are offering a program (that) allows students to transfer. We have as many (students who) transfer to other universities as to UC Davis. We offer a complete lower division transfer package.”

Additional information can be found on the Los Rios Community College District Website. Select Sacramento City College and choose Davis Center. Counselors are available by appointment Monday through Thursday. To schedule an appointment, call 530-747-5200.


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