Students learn about ARC community at Club Day

More than 15 different clubs gathered for Club Day on Thursday, Feb. 9 in the Rose Marks Pavilion at American River College. Students were able to walk around and sign up for clubs as well as participate in different aspects offered on campus.

There are over 100 students participating within the more than 20 various clubs. Students seem to enjoy participating because “they meet up with people of similar interests not only with just the club, they find other people they can hang out with,” said Tyler Carpadus, president of the Clubs and Events Board.

Participating in a club gets people to come together, and become “more involved and more invested in the campus and in their education,” said Carpadus.

One of the biggest clubs on campus is Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. This group offers scholarship, leadership and other opportunities. Joining the Honor Society helps a student to earn distinction and recognition when applying to four-year universities.

One of the clubs that was on hand for the event, the Anthropology Club, focuses on the study of human culture. Members are involved in a local canned food drive, which donates food to the Sacramento Food Bank. They support a charity each semester, and the charity this semester is the International Rescue Committee. This charity helps people around the world who survive crises and helps them rebuild their lives.

At the end of Club Day, peoples’ spirits seemed to be in good spirits, making the atmosphere enjoyable.

“I’ve always really enjoyed Club Day because there are some clubs at the school that I’ve never even known were here,” said Nichole Pickering. “And it kind of allows people who might have a certain hobby or a certain culture to try and find a group of people who share that. It’s kind of like their safe haven in a way. I think it is really nice.”


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