ARC theater department enters the world of “The Twilight Zone”


The American River College theater department will bring a live production of “The Twilight Zone” to the ARC Main Stage on Mar. 1, 2019. (Photo courtesy of ARC Theater Department)

Imani Smith

The eerie and thought-provoking television series “The Twilight Zone” will come to the American River College main stage on March 1, by way of director Jason Long.

The classic television series, created in the 1950s by Rod Serling, features episodes in various genres, including fantasy, science fiction, horror and psychological thrillers. Each episode often includes an unexpected and macabre twist.

Ben Harris, assistant director, says the production design for ARC’s interpretation of the series is setting this show apart from others that have come before.

“We’ve been trying to make as many elements of the production design black and white like the original show, for the most part the show is completely black and white,” Harris said.

ARC cast and crew have been working hard since before the 2019 spring semester to ensure that this adaptation of “The Twilight Zone” is a strong one, according to Harris.

The cast will perform six different episodes from the original anthology series. Much of the production has been kept a secret in order to ensure the audience is surprised by every episode performed by the cast, according to Harris.

Harris says that audiences can expect to see an accurate representation of the classic and suspenseful series.

“Audiences can expect a, hopefully, very faithful adaptation of this beloved show,” Harris said.

Tracy Shearer, a professor for ARC’s theater department, urges everyone to come and experience this upcoming production.

“If you love Twilight Zone and you love suspense, you will love this show,” Shearer said.