Fashion Department to hold model call


Dress forms are being stored in Arts and Science Room 105, where the Fashion Promotions class works to organize the fashion show, and where the model call will be held on Friday, Feb. 22, 2019. (Photo by Irene Jacobs)

Irene Jacobs

American River College fashion students will hold a model call on Friday for the 18th annual ARC Fashion Show.

The casting process will run from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Room 105 in the Arts and Science building and is open to everyone of all genders and sizes, ages 16 and up.

The team of students from the Fashion Promotions (FASHN 393) class ask that models wear whatever they feel comfortable in, and note that female models are encouraged to wear high heels and wear minimal to no makeup.

There are no requirements, but underage models are required to have their parents present to sign a consent form.

American River College’s fashion promotion students are coordinating the event along with Zoha Afshar, the class’s professor.

“The show is a display of all of [the designers’] knowledge of fashion design over the years and merging it with their ideas of fashion and physical form,” said Didier Ponte, a visual design major. “It’s a showcase of what they’ve learned and the impact they hope to have in the fashion world.”

Every year, the fashion and apparel construction students host the schoolwide fashion show to showcase their designs.

Rachel Maskell, a student part of the show’s promotions team, said this year’s show is a tribute to the past and utilizing it to go forth into the future. The theme this year is “Homagony: Deconstructing Borders.”

“What we’re really looking to do is to pay a homage to cultures and the times that have made us who we are today but not leaving it behind,” Maskell said. “The idea that we’re not stuck in the past, but that we can take these elements of who we are today and expand out from that.”

Models will be asked to sign consent forms, have their measurements taken, go on to have a photo taken with their information, and then walk down the hall in the Arts and Science building in front of the designers.

Designers will choose models based on who they believe best represent their collection.

Once chosen, the models will go to “bootcamp,” where they will be taught how to walk and how designers want them to present the garments.

The show will be held on May 4, when seven designers will showcase their creations.