Photo Essay: The Legacy of Dance

Dance major Latraye Allen performs a hip-hop routine in a dance studio at American River College, on Feb. 6, 2019. Allen is enrolled in the Dance Production: studio and Stage class and says his main focus is in hip-hop dancing. (Photo by Patrick Hyun Wilson)

Music echoes off the walls of the dance studio. The wall of mirrors extends the room beyond its natural edge and students of dance warm up and practice their moves.

Sunny Smith has taught dance at American River College for 20 years. She says her goal is to prepare students for the dance industry in all aspects.

“You can’t perform forever, so you’ve got to know how to teach,” Smith said.

The dance program will tour between various high schools in the Sacramento area, introducing students to ARC’s dance program.

ARC offers dance classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary.

The dance program will host the ARC Dance Spring Concert May 17-19 on the ARC Main Stage.

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Patrick Hyun Wilson
Patrick Hyun Wilson is a first semester staff writer with the Current studying photojournalism. He has a history studying classical photojournalists, Garry Winogrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Robert Capa. His intention is to fuse art photography with journalistic integrity to reignite photography’s importance in journalism. He plans to transfer to Sacramento State in Fall 2019.

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