ARC’s acoustic cafe showcases musicians and songwriters


James Estrella plays an original song with Eric Chun and Ron Carson backing him up with percussion during the Acoustic cafe held at American River College on April 1, 2016. Acoustic cafe is hosted by Eric Chun. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

Nicole Kesler

American River College’s music department held a recital Friday at the Hub in the student center.

ARC students had the opportunity to perform as vocalists or instrumentalists. The recital was open to singers and songwriters enrolled in the songwriting class.

Ron Carson is a commercial music business major transferring to Sacramento State in the fall who performed at the music recital.

Carson mentioned that he is a member of a Latin jazz band that plays locally.

“American River College has the top music department in the state of California. If you are a serious musician that wants to take your passion to the next level, (the) ARC music program is the place,” said Carson.

Multiple upcoming musicians came to the perform at the recital, including vocalists and instrumentalists.

Julia Stimson is in her second semester studying music education. She sang a jazz duet in the music recital with Acoustic Cafe host Eric Chun.

“I’m part of a duet group. My role is a jazz vocalist. We’re hoping soon to perform here locally in Sacramento,” said Stimson.

Outside of being a student, Stimson is a piano teacher in Natomas, California and a trumpet player here in ARC’s music department.

“I like to share feelings, I don’t know when I’m saying, but I connect the feeling to people through my songs. It’s about the feelings not the words. It’s like a skeleton key for me,” said James Estrella, who performed at the Acoustic Cafe.

ARC offers a few different associate degrees in the music department. Commercial music: business and commercial music: recording are two music degrees offered to ARC students.

“The jazz, commercial recording program, commercial music business program are the top in the state of California at community college level. The instructors are very hands-in helping the students grow,” said Carson.

ARC students that have an interest in these courses should stop by the music department to find out more information about the music program in upcoming semesters.