Students organize annual ARC fashion show


Mary Ann Myers

Child models showed off the collection designed by American River College Elena Fuentes at Friday's fashion show. Fuentes wanted to show that child's outfits can be versatile.

Models wearing garments inspired by nature and ancient Greece were front and center Friday at Aura, American River College’s 17th annual fashion show.

The fashion show utilized the work of 17 designers in the Collection Design and Production class taught by Diane Grant-Toscano.

Bonnie Spencer, the chair of the fashion department, described the process by which the students design their collections.

“They start with a sketch. They dream it, draw it and create it,” said Spencer. “Everything you see is completely made by them.”

Catherine Zeunges designed the “On the Beach” collection, which was noted by its use of blue and green colors and floral patterns.

Elena Fuentes designed a collection for children. Show director Brittany Picard described what influenced the dresses.

“Elena’s collection says children’s clothes don’t have to be so predictable,” said Picard. “It is inspired by nature and ancient Greece.”

Also inspired by nature is the “Bloom” collection designed by Sarah Flecklin.

“Bloom was inspired by herbal tea bags and the environment,” said Picard. “It is based in creating the look of a tea bag for women aged 18 to 30.”

Standing out from the crowd was Deborah Dano’s collection “Presence.”

“‘Presence’ captures the immediate pleasures of life,” said Picard. “She seeks to celebrate the most important and unique things about a garment: the person wearing it.”

Dano described the process of making her collection.

“I wanted to design with knit and make garments that were useable and functional,” said Dano. “They’re multipurpose dresses that turn into blouses.”

American River College classified employee Tatyana Torgashev said she came to support Alina Zanko, one of the models.

“We want to be involved and participate on campus,” she said. “We want to support our students and the program.”

According to Adam Karp, dean of fine and applied arts, the 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. performances of the fashion show can be streamed online through the Facebook page titled American River College Fashion Program.

At the final performance, judges will announce the winners in several categories including Best in Show.

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