Music, dance, and culinary programs pay “A Tribute To The War Years”


Director Dyne Eifertsen directs the American River College Jazz Collective as they play “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by the Andrew Sisters.

Nicholas Corey and Nicholas Corey

The American River College music department hosted its third annual “A Tribute To The War Years” Friday.

The department presented a Studio Jazz, Latin Jazz and Collective Jazz ensemble. Over 30 different numbers formed an assortment of songs from Frank Sinatra’s classic hits to “Save It For A Rainy Day,” written and performed by ARC alum Kate Janzen.

The department transformed the Student Center into a dance floor.

“(It) brought them up to their A game,” said professor Dyne Eifertsen on how the dance floor affected the bands performance.

Eifertsen has run the event the past couple years, but this is the first time he had the opportunity to collaborate with other departments and have the Student Center host the event.

The culinary program catered the event with punch and finger foods

ARC’s dance department had lent its help to Eifertsen as well by providing dance instructors to help teach attendees how to swing, salsa or just to get them out of their seats and move.

Katya Novskaya, an art and music major who performed vocals in Latin Jazz Band, enjoyed her time studying under Eifertsen. This is her second semester in Latin Jazz.

“(He) looks conservative and serious, but has a good sense of humor,” said Novskaya.

Eifertsen wrapped up the night with a tribute to his parents who were in attendance celebrating their marriage anniversary with a sing along to “Goodnight Sweetheart.”

This was the first time Novskaya attended “A Tribute To The War Years.” She says that she “loves that people can appreciate old music.”

Eifertsen made an announcement at the start of the evening about how the first ever tribute was hosted in a music department room about one-third the size of the Student Center.

“Once the student center had been built I always envisioned an event like this,” Eifertsen added.

Eifertsen thanked the faculty and all performers past and present for their work.