Valentine’s at the movies?


Valentine’s Day can be difficult to navigate. A professor recently threw some advice out for all the gentlemen present in class the week of the romantic holiday. The advice was not to get flowers, candy or anything colored red; as these items will be experiencing a huge markup until Saturday. It was also to avoid restaurants, which will do the same thing in offering a simplified romanticized menu for the holiday, with higher prices on items, especially desserts and wine. Instead he suggested going to the movies.

But should you go out? Statistics from the Pew Research Center show a decline in the number of adults who go out to the theater to see a movie versus streaming one from your home or renting. At the time of the study, about 71 percent of adults preferred watching movies at home. This has likely only grown with the proliferation of streaming with services such as Roku and Netflix.

Going to the theater for the Valentine’s Day movie can be a gamble, last year what you got was a fifth “Die Hard” a sequel that used the action tropes it invented but beyond that didn’t innovate much. Four years ago couples were scorned with “Valentine’s Day” a movie that stuffed almost two dozen main characters into an allegedly romantic comedy that sits on Rotten Tomatoes with 18 percent.

This year we get a remake of “Endless Love,” that looks a little reminiscent of rape from the trailer, a remake of “About Last Night,” a chick flick that caters more towards men, “A Winter’s Tale,” which The Washington Post criticized the continuity between story happening in the 1900s and in the modern day. All of these seem lackluster. USA Today and the Los Angeles Times both predict “Lego Movie” to dominate this weekend.

So, why would you go out? It is very likely that staying in is a more economical and potentially enjoyable option. With classics like “The Notebook” or “Love, Actually” at the top of so many lady’s favorite romance movie list (and readily available on Netflix) it you don’t need to risk a potential movie disaster like in 2010.

If valentines aren’t your thing then season two of “House of Cards” premieres on Netflix that day, and there is still plenty being televised for the Olympics. Best of luck.