Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ showcases Grammy-winner’s attempt to break from shell

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

A soft face and a sweet voice, one of a Grammy winning singer and songwriter: this is the essence of Taylor Swift.

Swift came out with her new album, “Red,” on Oct. 22, 2012. The album cover depicts Swift wearing a white shirt with a black fedora and bright red lipstick. In her music video for the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which is on the album, it shows Taylor wearing sunglasses and acting a bit like a rebel. Fans can see Swift breaking out of her normal shell and trying new things.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” has a dubstep feel to it, which Swift cannot pull off. This break of the norm from her was terrible, making it that one wishes the song should end faster. “22” is a song written about Swift’s age and how she feels at this time; the beat was great and catchy but left the listener to wonder why it was written in the first place.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is one of those mutual songs, where is neither terrible nor fantastic. It is catchy and able to sing to it, it also has good lyrics but can get annoying quite easily. “Stay Stay Stay” is another of these types. It is catchy as well but the rhyming and repeating can be construed as irritating.

“State of Grace” is about a relationship that is true and worthy. She talks about it being a “worthwhile fight” and “this love is great and wild.” Swift comes into a “state of grace” within the relationship. “Begin Again” is about falling in love after being hurt so many times. Swift talks about the hurtful times, but now she is willing to move on and “begin again,” hence the title of the song. It is a soft and slow song but the melody is so beautiful that it lures the listener in.

The music was composed really well, making a lot of the songs ones to sing and dance to. The lyrics are meaningful with themes such as life, love and lifestyles. Swift stuck to some of her normal style such as acoustic numbers like “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and pop-esque ones as well like “The Lucky One.”

For the hardcore Swift fans, this may come to be a disappointment for the couple of changed songs but otherwise it is worth the buy.