New burger joint is ‘heavenly’

Daniel Romandia and Daniel Romandia

Sacramento’s food scene has an abundance of burger joints. Hamburger Patties on J Street has been a midtown staple for years. The Flaming Grill Cafe in the Arden area continues to serve Sacramento with exotic meats. It seems like there is a restaurant that is a constitution for every section for the city, but Carmichael has been out of the loop when it comes to hamburgers. That is, until recently.

Skip’s Kitchen, which opened last fall, has quickly become a hot spot for hungry pedestrians walking the streets of Carmichael. It is a mere five-minute walk from El Camino High School toward Mission Avenue, but that does not necessarily give the restaurant a high-school vibe like The Max from “Saved by the Bell.” Instead, Skip’s feels more like a modern home hosting a barbecue.

As soon as you walk in, the workers immediately greet you and the sound of the other customers enjoying themselves can easily be heard. Chances are that Skip Wahl, the owner who works at the register, will help you. Once you begin to order, Wahl will make comments about your choices, like, “Oh, that’s how you spice up a meal,” that just make the entire experience more genuine. When it is time to pay, Wahl will lay a deck of cards out in front of you and say that if you can pick the joker, the meal is on him. A little bit of a gimmick, but this place has already charmed you to the point where you do not care. And this is all before you get to eat the food.

The menu may be small, but that just means there is a greater chance for perfection. There is an option for appetizers, which has dishes like chicken wings and even mini beef wellington. Salads are a small section of the menu, but they vary enough to keep you satisfied. Deli sandwiches are offered and served on toasted French artisan rolls that taste like you bought them from a bakery. But let’s be honest, you came here for a good old-fashioned hamburger.

The burgers at Skip’s are, in one word, heavenly. There are four types, but the crème de la crème is the original. Served to you drizzled in the house sauce with organic tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, and pickles lightly placed atop the juiciest hamburger patty that money could buy. When you take the first bite, all the different flavors seem to meld perfectly into a classic yet modern taste. It is like the owner of a 50s diner was making these burgers with the modern influences of today.

“Our mission is to create a dining experience, bringing people together around gourmet food served in a fun atmosphere,” is printed at the top of every menu at Skip’s Kitchen. Mission accomplished.

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