Hannibal Buress trudges on at Sacramento Punchline


Philip Frields

Hannibul Buress performs his stand-up routine at the Sacramento Punchline on Nov. 13.

Philip Frields and Phillip Frields

Comedian Hannibal Buress headlined an hour of great jokes at Punch Line comedy club in Sacramento on Sunday, Nov. 13. He had a variety of topics involving handlebar mustaches, the dangers of having bomb juice on your hands while walking through airport security, and watching fetish websites.

Buress has a recurring role on 30 Rock, something he mentions in a bit involving co-star Tracy Morgan and a joke Morgan wrote involving stabbing his son that didn’t go over with crowds. “I wish I wrote the joke,” says Buress, openly accepting the dark style of the joke. “Sitting with (Morgan) for hours in a room silently for hours to come up with it would’ve been great.”

Brendan Lynch hosted with Prescott Toke as the opener for a night that only got funnier as time went on. Buress openly admitted that, having been in Sacramento since Thursday, was completely out of steam and explained that the feeling he had was the “comedic equivalent (of) messing around on YouTube.” Even without going full blast, however, Buress still managed to work through his entire set getting many laughs.

Buress had the unfortunate pleasure of working against a heavily heckling audience. Nothing against Punch Line as it’s always a great venue, but the general vibe from the talkative crowd was nothing short of deplorable and rude. Buress, like a comedic champion, handled it quite well considering how off-putting it was. An older gentleman expressed out of nowhere that he hated all reality television, to which Buress replied by completely stopping his current bit, taking off his glasses, and crouching down to express his sarcastic disdain as such: “All of them, even ‘Storage Wars?’ I love ‘Storage Wars.’”

Buress followed by wittily explaining every detail about “Storage Wars” and expressed how much the aged man had to see it. Absolutely brilliant.

One of several highlights of the night came when Buress recalled the stereotype of Oakland being one of the most dangerous places in California. “If everybody was murdered in Oakland, there would only be one dude in Oakland,” he said.

It was unfortunate to not get the chance to see him at full steam as Buress absolutely killed it in his hour. Yet another headliner at Punch Line Sacramento that held up to the hype. Don’t miss the chance to see Buress next time he visits our area Dec. 31 in San Francisco at the Masonic Auditorium