How to: A singles guide to fun during the holidays

Getting through the holiday season without a significant other


San Francisco’s Union Square is up and ready with Christmas decorations. (Photo by Jonathan Plazola)

With the holiday season in full swing many singles are watching couples do cute things together while they’re cuddle-less.Opposed to popular belief, however, there are plenty of things singles can have just as much fun doing, if not more fun, than holiday couples between now and the end of the year. 

The holidays are a time when families will gather together, spend quality time and catch each other up on the tea they didn’t get to spill on Thanksgiving. Having family over is a great time to watch holiday movies and either cook or bake.

You could bake the usual cookies, fruitcake and share some milk, (because eggnog is absolutely not the move.) You can also move away from the traditional gingerbread houses and eggnog and make macaroons, or buckeye candy. 

Buckeye candy isn’t as popular in California as it is in Ohio, but they are a must-have for peanut butter and chocolate lovers. A buckeye is a peanut butter ball covered in chocolate. It is even more appealing to the eye when it is made into a cookie.

For movies? You can never go wrong with “Home Alone,” and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” The Macaulay Culkin movies are memorable, timeless and absolute classics. Another movie idea is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” They’re great if you want to get a laugh and reuse one-liners to make others chuckle.

Let’s be honest, unfortunately, many don’t have the best family dynamic. What’s an alternative for this? Friends or solo dates. As much slander as it gets on the internet, solo dates are underrated. Why? You get to do whatever you want when you want, not to mention practice some self-care. 

Some ideas are going out to a restaurant, if you like soaking in the atmosphere of music and people with an opportunity to socialize, or cooking your favorite meal at home if you want to save money and want to enjoy a mellow night with your favorite show. 

Maybe you’re adventurous. Save up some money and take a road trip to the mountains with your favorite music on full blast and participate in a winter activity such as skiing or snowboarding. Take a trip out to the pacific coast and soak in the beauty of the ocean with gorgeous sunset views. Baker Beach in San Francisco is a great place to meet other beach lovers and make friends with a dog.

Christmas shopping is another option. While in San Francisco, check out the Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores. If that’s out of your budget, there is the six-story Macy’s store with a view of the Christmas tree and ice rink for another solo date idea.

Maybe instead, if you’re not high maintenance or extroverted, there’s always the mellow option of staying at home and reading an entire novel series. Don’t like reading? Put on those headphones and blast your favorite artist and have an entire concert in your room, bathroom, etc.