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Take this class: vocal jazz ensemble

Vocal jazz professor Art Lapierre teaches his beginning vocal ensemble class at American River College on Jan. 22 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Alondra Botello)

Alondra Botello

January 30, 2018

Music stands labeled “ARC MUSIC” wait silently to be placed in a semi-circle around a Yamaha grand piano. From the distance you can hear multiple students warming up their voices before walking into the classroom. The rustling of paper begins to fill the room. With pencils in one hand and fresh, ...

Vocal Jazz Ensemble going to New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz

The ARC Vocal Jazz Ensemble singers Cody Quackenbush, Madalyn Parker, Jenna Magaziner, Gabe Catabran, Kate Janzen, Serena Chao and Daniel Avanto rehearse for the national Jazz Education Network that they will attend in New Orleans in January. (Photo by Lidiya Grib)

Lidiya Grib

October 20, 2016

The American River College Vocal Jazz Ensemble was selected to sing in a prestigious national conference in New Orleans in January. The Jazz Ensemble is one of seven vocal ensembles from across the country selected to sing in the 2017 Jazz Education Network conference. “New Orleans is the plac...

ARC student set to perform for the first time in national jazz festival

Lead baritone for ARC's vocal jazz ensemble, Gabe Catabran, rehearses 'Love Wins' on March 10, 2016 as he prepares for upcoming jazz festival in Monterey. (Photo by Shiavon Chatman)

Shiavon Chatman

March 12, 2016

Gabe Catabran is the lead baritone on American River College’s vocal jazz ensemble. Catabran is a part of VJ1, the audition-required section of the jazz team. He has been attending ARC for three years and “plans on transferring soon, maybe in about a year or so” said Catabran. He sta...

ARC’s vocal jazz ensemble prepares for concert on campus and yearly CD

Vocal jazz ensemble students prepare for upcoming concert and yearly CD on March 9, 2016. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Shiavon Chatman

March 12, 2016

American River College’s vocal jazz ensemble is preparing for a concert on campus which is gearing them up for the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival. Along with preparing for the festival the jazz ensemble will also be recording their yearly CD, which includes all the songs they have cover...

ARC’s vocal jazz ensemble set to perform in Monterey Jazz Festival

Vocal jazz ensemble students rehearse for upcoming music festival in Monterey on March 9, 2016. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Shiavon Chatman

March 11, 2016

American River College’s Vocal Jazz ensemble has been invited to play at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, one of the most popular jazz festivals in the country. Only six ensemble’s in the United States are selected to go each year and ARC has been selected for the past three years...

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