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ARC makes efforts to improve campus navigation

American River College Printing Services Supervisor Don Reid holds up a prototype for the new campus maps that he is working on. (Photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone)
December 6, 2017

Printing Service Supervisor Don Reid and retired Vice President of administration Ray DiGuilio, have just concluded a meeting American River College's Administration building, and have begun packing up...

ARC responds to DeVos’ changes to Title IX

The Bulletin Board outside the on campus Health Center, describing the difference between sexual violence and domestic violence, and other services offered. (Photo by Brienna Edwards)
October 10, 2017

Deep in the Administration Building on the American River College campus lies the Health Center. It is a little room across from a barely used courtyard. The Health Center is designed to be a safe...

Muslim student protests against anti-Islamic activists

American River College student Burak Kocal holds a sign encouraging people to hug him. Kocal, a practicing Muslim, was protesting against the negative images widely associated with people of his faith. (Photo by Mychael Jones)
November 28, 2015

An American River College student held a silent protest outside the Student Center on Tuesday in response to an anti-Muslim protest that took place Nov. 17. Burak Kocal, the student who was protesting,...

Police chase in parking structure leaves student injured, witnesses shaken

Debris remains on the second floor of the parking structure at American River College the day after a hit and run incident occurred during a police chase. (Photo by Barbara Harvey)
November 18, 2015

A police chase in the American River College parking structure Tuesday night left one pedestrian injured and several students shaken after the suspect collided with a parked car, which then rammed into...

Students respond to Weaver’s Holocaust skepticism

Students respond to Student Trustee Cameron Weaver's,(Left), Holocaust skepticism made in an interview with The Current Sept. 16.  Students share varying levels of support, outrage and ambiguity for Weaver's comments. (File Photo)
October 13, 2015

In response to the recent remarks by Student Trustee Cameron Weaver in a Sept. 16 interview with the Current casting doubt on whether the Holocaust actually took place, students at American River College...

Students learn about success at the ‘Time Management and Google Calendars’ workshop

American River College instructional assistant Cheryl Howell and instructional aid Macki spoke at a
September 25, 2015

Helping students learn skills to help with time management and make better use of tools around them were among the topics discussed during the student success workshop “Time Management and Google Calendars”...

Game themed Club Day set for Thursday

File Photo: Club Day event taken March 20th, 2014. Medieval Club is just one of the clubs that will be present at Club day themed
September 22, 2015

Let the games begin! Says the theme for this semester's Club Day scheduled for Thursday. Club Day, put on by the Clubs and Events Board (CAEB), is a chance for students to see and learn more about the...

Coffee Wars: Starbucks challenged by Peet’s new presence on campus

Students brace a long line at the Starbucks in the Student Center on Wednesday. In spite of the opening of a new Peet's in the portable village, many students remain brand-loyal to the long-established Starbucks. (Photo by Kameron Schmid)
August 27, 2015

By John Ferrannini and Ashley Nanfria As caffeine-loving students may have noticed, there is a coffee war brewing at American River College. Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which recently opened a new...

Students from the ceramics department sell their art

Students from the ceramics department sell their art
May 13, 2015

Student’s from the ceramics department sold their handmade wares today at the X-sale being held behind the ceramics lab. Michelle Wong Yukmui, an art major, has her own booth at the X-sale. “I’m...

Homeless couple returns to ARC to take classes and collect recyclables

Homeless couple returns to ARC to take classes and collect recyclables
May 12, 2015

As he carries around a white, plastic Hefty bag in the hot afternoon, Bill Cheely said people don’t look at him the same anymore. “It’s like, I was your neighbor,” said Bill. “People steal...

Campus offers students alternative programs to transfer and obtain a degree

Campus offers students alternative programs to transfer and obtain a degree
May 12, 2015

American River College is offering alternative programs that allow people to transfer or gain their associate degree in two years. The Accelerated College Education program, commonly known as ACE, and...

Farm Animal Rights Movement fostered feedback through a graphic video

Farm Animal Rights Movement fostered feedback through a graphic video
May 7, 2015

An animal rights group on campus received positive responses from a video that highlighted animal abuse on farms by challenging students into adopting a vegan lifestyle Tuesday. The Farm Animal Rights...

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