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Editorial: The Silent Treatment

(Photo illustration by Barbara Harvey)

December 1, 2015

Within the last month, your life and safety were at risk from an armed felon on campus who injured a woman and a highly contagious, deadly disease. You may not have heard about this because ARC had no plans to directly inform you until it faced intense media scrutiny. Administrators at American River...

Editorial: The leaders we deserve

Comments trivializing the deaths of minority groups are not new to American River College's student government (Graphic by Barbara Harvey).

September 29, 2015

How many derogatory things must our student government representatives say before we can say that they’re part of a hate group? In light of Los Rios Student Trustee Cameron Weaver’s comments speculating on whether the Holocaust actually took place, that’s a pretty good question to ask. The So...

Editorial: CAEB president has got to go

Editorial: CAEB president has got to go

Current editorial board

December 2, 2014

Within one month, Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher has demonstrated such a lack of accountability and overwhelming disrespect for both the office he was elected to and the students that elected him that only one meaningful option remains: resignation. Diefenbacher’s recent behavior...

Don’t tolerate the violence

Current Editorial

November 10, 2014

Witnesses of the four-woman brawl that began in the cafeteria and escalated to the area in front of the bookstore on Oct. 27 expressed shock that an institution of higher learning was the scene of such an occurrence. “I’m really appalled that this happened, especially at a college campus,” said...

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