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Peter Davenport collects witness reports such as this for the National UFO Reporting Center database. (Photo via the National UFO Reporting Center)

Civilians have no way to report UFOs

Megan Wutzke, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

I’ll just get this out of the way: I want to believe. But don’t bust out the tinfoil hats just yet. I’m still a skeptic. I don’t know if there are space aliens messing around in our atmosphere,...

Finding extraterrestrial life in the next generation

Finding extraterrestrial life in the next generation

Meredith Durham and Meredith Durham April 20, 2015

Physics and astronomy professor Laura Lege gave a lecture Wednesday about how far humanity has come in finding forms of life in the universe. Lege began by giving an overview of what life needs to exist...

Aliens: Colonial Marines gets an oorah for a half hearted effort

“Aliens: Colonial Marines” gets an “oorah” for a half hearted effort

Jared Thornburg and Jared Thornburg February 15, 2013

When I first heard about this game I was excited. Like me, many of us as kids watched James Cameron’s 1986 Sci-Fi classic “Aliens.” So when news of this game's creation first broke, the fan in me...

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