ARC’s softball team aims to be one of the best teams in the Big 8 Conference

The team’s overall record is 10-12


The American River softball team is pushing hard and working together as a team to continue their season to the Big 8 conference, in the spring semester of 2022. (Photo by Maya Barber)

Softball season is in full swing at American River College. So far the softball team has won nine games, which is leading them in the right direction in the Big 8 Conference.

“Our goal is to be one of the best teams in the Big 8 Conference,” said Lisa Delgado, head coach of ARC’s softball team.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard for friends, families, students and spectators to come and cheer the team on to victory. 

However, Delgado says that spectators are now able to attend home and away games to support the team.

According to the ARC athletic’s website as of February 2022, spectators are allowed to attend any outdoor event and there are no entry requirements.

Although the season has already started, the team still has 7 more home games, including doubleheaders and many more away games to attend.

The team is following the COVID-19 protocols that are set by the district. 

Delgado says that they are looking forward to a great spring. If you would like to attend any games or have a look at their schedule click here.