Sewing guild scholarship winner: Madison Thielke

Thielke has been involved in the ARC fashion community through classes and events


Sewing Guild Scholarship winner and fashion major, Madison Thielke, is dreaming of becoming a fashion journalist and traveling around the world. (Photo courtesy of American River College)

American River College fashion major Madison Thielke has been interested in the fashion industry since childhood and is now being awarded with a scholarship from the 

Sacramento Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. 

Thielke started exploring fashion in elementary school by sketching and putting together outfits, which allowed for individual creativity.

“That definitely stuck with me throughout middle and high school because I used fashion as an expressive art form and I think that is why I appreciate it so much,” Thielke said. “I think that clothes can make someone feel confident and free in their own skin when they are able to use their own expression and creative ideas.”

Because of her many years of interest, she believes majoring in fashion journalism was “natural”.

“I love watching fashion shows, trend forecasting and writing as well,” Thielke said. “My dream job would definitely be working for Vogue or any fashion magazine and traveling the world.”

Thielke says that even though she started her education at a community college, she has saved money in the long run and has not missed out on anything.

“The American River College Fashion Program is truly amazing and I am pleased that I have learned as much as I have thus far,” Thielke said. “I have learned so much on how to analyze fashion, how to create a fashion show and improve my sewing skills.”

Distance learning has not impacted Thielke in a major way, but she says she is disappointed that the department’s annual fashion show will be virtual.

“Although I do think it would be great to be in person creating collaboratively, I do enjoy being at home and I am still able to learn through videos and lectures,” Thielke said. “ I have been sewing still and am in the process of creating the ARC 20th Annual Fashion Show with classmates.”

The department’s fashion show will be held the last week of the semester and will be pre-recorded.

Thielke says she is using her scholarship money to upgrade the sewing machine she currently shares with her mom.

I hope that a new better quality sewing machine will inspire me and also help me to create better quality garments,” Thielke said.