ARC’s Achieve program hosts Netflix watch party

Join students and staff to watch “Becoming”

American River College's Achieve program holds a Netflix Watch Party showcasing

American River College’s Achieve program holds a Netflix Watch Party showcasing “Becoming” Michelle Obama on Feb. 18. (Photo via Netflix)

Cicily Thomas, Staff Writer

Black History Month is a time to reflect on American history. All month long The Los Rios Community College District is providing access via Zoom for many educational events centered around Black history. Students unable to attend previous events during this month can participate in upcoming events this week. 

American River College’s Achieve program, which is centered around success of first-time college students, is hosting a Netflix watch party on February 18 at 1 p.m.

“In honor of Black History Month, [email protected] presents a Netflix watch party with “Becoming”  Michelle Obama telling her story,” according to information posted on ARCs event calendar. “Becoming” covers former First Lady Michelle Obama’s upbringing and goals throughout her term and after.

ARC Equity Officer Nick Daily has been focusing on making sure ARC is providing students many outlets to become educated about Black History. 

“Black History is American History, and until we get the full story of who [society]  and how this country is and has been [the state of our past and present] , we will never be able to see the inequities, address them, and create the future that we say we want when we utter the words ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,’” Daily said in an email to The Current. 

This event is open to all Students via Zoom here