Study abroad program offers enriching opportunities


Behavioral and social sciences professor Bill Wrightson gives a presentation about the study abroad program to Florence, Italy during a college hour at American River College on Feb. 7, 2019. (Photo by Hameed Zargry)

Hameed Zargry

The Los Rios Study Abroad Program at American River College held a presentation to explain the classes, requirements and trip information to interested students applying for the summer and fall semesters to Barcelona, Florence and London on Feb. 7 in Raef Hall.

The program was presented by three professors, each of whom will lead students in the 2019 summer program in three different countries: Italy, Spain and England.

The program offers different programs and services to the students to travel to other countries in order to take advantage of the knowledge, skills and cultural experiences and use it in their daily life when they return.

Randee Jones, anthropology major, applied for the 2019 summer semester trip to Italy.

My boyfriend’s brother suggested [it to] me because he has gone through this with ARC and (has) done study abroad and he really recommended this program,” Jones said.

Bill Wrightson, behavioral and social sciences professor at ARC, will be accompanying students to Florence for the summer semester.

Wrightson says he believes the trip to Florence is a good opportunity that can change a student’s life.

“Studying abroad is a life-transforming experience, and I think that is especially the case in Italy,” Wrightson said. “Studying abroad is one of the only things you can buy that makes you richer.”

The deadline for the summer program to Florence, Italy is March 8.

Wrightson motivated students by sharing the previous trip experience.

One reason students apply in the study abroad program is because classes match with their majors.

I would love to take any adventure that applies to my major, that eventually helps me in the future,” Jones said. “This trip to Italy help me to understand the culture that is really interesting.”

Jones says the program will help students to meet new group of students which helps them to understand the new culture.

Psychology professor Mark Stewart at ARC will lead students to London for the summer semester. Stewart has been taking students to London since 2003.

The official deadline for applying to the London program this summer was March 1, and the program is already full.

“Anyone who wants to go to London on this program should plan on doing it next year,” Stewart said.

Stewart says he has many good memories of past trips, and that the students always compliment him as soon their trip ends.

“[What] I enjoy the most is when students tell me after the program that it was amazing and that it changed their lives,” Stewart said.