Town summit for equity and inclusion to be held Oct. 26


Equity Programs and Pathways is hosting a town hall summit focusing on equity and inclusion on Oct. 26 in the Student Center at American River College. This summit meeting aims to unite students across campus. (Photo illustration by Tracy Holmes)

Tracy Holmes

An Equity and Inclusion Town Hall Summit will be held on Friday in the Student Center lobby. The campus community will have a hands on discussion about long term planning for equity, inclusion and social justice at American River College.

Joshua Moon Johnson from the Equity Programs and Pathways will host the summit. The campus community wants to hear the voice of the students; their input is valuable for the plan. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in dialogue and share experiences and ideas with facilitators.

“This year, ARC is spending the entire year creating an equity plan,” Moon Johnson said.

The plan is to create an environment that is inclusive of all the campus community so that no student, staff or faculty feels unequal to the next. The committee in charge of this will be taking feedback from the community to create and implement the plan, according to Moon Johnson.

It will be the responsibility of the committee to find the common or recurring themes were at the summit that would then need to be made into actions and initiatives. Moon Johnson said there will be hundreds of pages of notes to comb through.

It is encouraged to bring laptops or tablets to this event. There will be different tables with about eight to 10 people at each, a live Google document to follow the event and someone who will take notes of the student, staff and faculty concerns and conversation happening at the summit. This is to engage the community and to be transparent, according to Moon Johnson.

The event takes place Friday, Oct. 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.