Personality Assessment Workshop to be hosted in DSPS Conference Room


ARC counselor Janice Klar will host a personality workshop in DSPS on March 22. (File Photo)

Alexis Warren

On Thursday March 22, American River College’s Career Counselor, Janice Klar, will host the True Colors & Jung Personality Assessment Workshop in the Disabled Services Programs and Services Conference Room.

The workshop is based on the work of Carl Jung, the psychologist who wrote “Psychological Types,” originally published in 1921.

Klar will give students a self-assessment handout based on the four scales of personality that Jung writes about in his book.

“I explain in the workshop what [Jung] means by these scales and I go into depth with it, because it’s part of the career counseling process,” Klar said. “Students will put where they fall on the scale, preference wise, and I explain what he means by the terms since he’s a very abstract thinker.”

The sole purpose of the career assessment is to help students understand themselves better as they are in the works of developing their future self while also looking at certain aspects such as motivation, behavior and core values, according to Klar.

“One of the more important parts of this assessment is to help students see who they are and their true nature, and to see where other people’s expectations are conflicting with that,” Klar said.

If students are unable to make it to the workshop, Klar is available to complete this process one-on-one with them within several sessions of meeting with her.

The True Colors & Jung Personality Assessment Workshop will be from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.