ARC saves lives with blood drive


A blood source RV is parked in parking lot B during the blood drive (Photo by Joel Whited).

T.J. Martinez

On March 7-8, Bloodsource held a blood drive with locations in both parking lot B and near the parking garage.

One pint of blood can save up to three lives, which means that 795 people in need will receive the blood donated by the 355 individuals who participated in the drive.

Although 355 people individuals donated within the two days of the drive’s time Bloodsource still fell a bit shy of reaching its donation goal.

During the duration of the drive, Bloodsource organizers collected “265 lifesaving pints of blood,” according to Ian Finch, an account manager for the company.

Pam Sherman, a retired Montessori teacher, has volunteered multiple times and said she does it for fun even though she can’t donate due to health issues.

Contrary to Sherman’s predicament, Savannah Korte, a global disease biology major, said that she has donated a total of eight times even though she has failed the pre-screening requirements twice because she was anemic.

Korte said she drew inspiration to donate from her own mother who is in the medical field along with her experience with reading the novel “The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story” a story about Ebola by Richard Preston.

Luis Tapia, a microbiology major is also a regular donor.

Tapia expressed his humanitarian nature when it came to his reason to donate.

“I’m all about helping people,” Tapia said.