Heroes and villains at club day

Students come to check out the clubs on display infront of the Student Center at American River College on March 17, 2016. (Photo by Bailey Carpenter)

A “heroes and villains” themed club day was put on by the American River College Club and Events Board in front of the student center on Mar. 17.  

There were games like “fishbowl acid,” where players throw balls into a fishbowl and win a prize.  There was also a bank robbery game and a search and rescue game.

There was also a bank robbery game and a search and rescue game.

Club day was held on St. Patrick’s Day, and many of the faculty and staff dressed up in green with green hats on.  

There was also a picture booth set up, where students could take a picture and make it look like they got a mug shot.

Many clubs came out to show off their club and get people to join, and each club chose a hero or villain to represent them.

The improv club picked the superhero Yes Man because improvisation is all about saying yes.  

The Pre-Pharmacy club was handing out candy and information on how to get into the program.  

Raul Rastaman, a Pre-Pharmacy major, said “we’re offering information on the different programs that are offered and advice on classes that would be the best.”

The Pre-Pharmacy club will also have guest speakers come to American River College to talk more about the program and help students who are interested.  

The Latinos Unidos club was selling merchandise to help support the club.  

The merchandise came from Central America, South America and Mexico.  

Maria McDonald, the treasurer for Latinos Unidos club, said “We want to let them (students) know that we are students selling to students.”

The Smash Bros club brought out TVs for students to play the video game Smash Bros.  

Their club meets every Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the arts and science building, room 112.

The rugby club is still in the final process of making the club permanent at ARC.  

Trae McMurtrey, a second year student, said “To start a club we would need 15 people for a team, but that’s just what the school wants.”

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