ARC celebrates Black History month


UNITE will be hosting a Black History 101 Mobile Museum on Feb. 22. (File photo)

Sharriyona Platt

The Center for Leadership and Development at American River College is hosting a black heritage celebration in honor of Black History Month.

The celebration will take place Feb. 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the student center.

This event will display African American culture and the contributions of African Americans in history.

“The idea is to bring awareness,” student personal assistant Frankie Johnson said.

“It is open to everyone, and is an event to enhance every student’s personal and academic growth,” Johnson said.

There will be live music, food, vendors, storytellers, open mic performers, dancers, a fashion show and a scavenger hunt.

Johnson said that this event gives students and staff the opportunity to come out, participate and indulge in African American culture.

The CLD is collaborating with the UNITE Diversity Center in the hub to facilitate this event.

Student personal assistant Brett Sawyer said that while the CLD will be running the celebration, UNITE will be present at the event to promote and discuss future plans.

“We (UNITE) will have a table to promote our goals of Universal, eNgaging, Inclusive, Transformative Education and to garner interest in a black student union,” Sawyer said.

UNITE Faculty Coordinator Roderic Agbunag said, “this is going to be an amazing event, it has always been, since Frankie began doing them many years ago.”

Agbunag also spoke of other plans to help enhance the whole month, including a black history movie screening on Friday and discussions on stereotypes, micro-aggressions and/or the Black Lives Matter movement during the week of Feb. 22 in the hub.

Past events included a black history movie screening in the hub on Feb. 5 and a visit from award winning poet Patricia Smith in Raef Hall on Feb. 9.