Students play Jeopardy to Celebrate “Constitution Day”


American River College student Carla West thinks of the answer to a question based on The Constitution at ARC’s Constitution Day event in the student center on Sep. 17. (Photo by Jose Garcia)

Paul Xayphone

American River College held a “Constitution Day Celebration” Thursday in the Student Center, where Sage members Hilario Valdovinos and Bryant Tanadjaya played a Jeopardy-inspired game that was created by an Associated Student Body adviser Juan Miguel Blanco about the U.S. Constitution with fellow students.

“Constitution Day” is an annual event observed on Sept. 17 to recognize the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and those who have become U.S. Citizens.

To help inform students of the constitution, Blanco decided to create a game this year for the event.

“It’s fun to interact with the students,” said Blanco.

“Last time we had someone reading the constitution aloud, but people would just walk by. We wanted to make the event fun for everyone and not feel punishing.”

ARC student Carla West said she already knew a lot about the Constitution, so she decided to test her knowledge on several of the categories.

“Oh my god I love this! Jeopardy is so fun! I hope they bring it back next year,” said West.

The game board on display was split into six categories: Constitution 1, Signers of the Constitution, The State of the U.S., Constitution Part 2, Money Money Money!, and Constitution Part 3.

Students had a choice of several questions in each category ranging from 100 to 500 points, with each question increasing in difficulty for higher tier questions.

If students were successful, they won prizes such as backpacks, pens and binders.

Valdovinos and Tanadjaya both stated how they were learning more about the U.S. Constitution just by being involved in the event.

“I’m an international student myself and I’m learning even more about America and what it’s about thanks to this,” Tanadjaya said.