Amtgard Club activities halted


ARC students Broderick Cross and Wesley Miller play a game of live action role playing, or LARPing, on the American River College campus in February. The Amtgard Club has ceased these games on the ARC campus as they are seeking an advisor.

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson

The Amtgard Club has been dealt a devastating blow that has crippled them.

Members of the club are now searching for a replacement advisor, asking various professors on campus if they would be interested in stepping into the role.

Amtgard is a form of Live Action Role Playing where members take homemade gear and play out medieval battles.

According to club member Kyle Joyce, “as a result of starting activities before all the necessary paperwork had been finalized, the club advisor left.”

The amtgard club that normally met every Tuesday at 2 p.m. has had its LARP-ing activities placed on hold as a result.

The club still meets however every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the cafeteria.

They do have weekly meetups every Sunday at Fair Oaks Park.

Michaela Clifton, a nursing major, still attends the meetings where the club makes swords and costumes for when they to war on Sundays.

“We are making swords for charity,” said Clifton. “Children with special needs like to play so we do and do presentations for them.”

The Duchy of Thor’s Refuge and Mistyvale attempted to create a club at American River College in order to gain new members and gain more publicity.

Teresa Bergman, more commonly know as Lady T within the amtgard community, wrote on the Current’s webpage “Come and play with Amtgard members at Mistyvale. It is always free to play, we have weapons you can borrow, and we meet every Saturday from 11-4. All ages welcome!”

Their absence has been noted by students as the fields of battle at ARC have fallen silent. Members say, however, that fighting is not what Amtgard is all about.

“Amtgard is not all about fighting… it’s also about the art,” said former club president Maleea Grisham.

When the Current reached out to Denise Engler, who was said to be the adviser, she said “I never actually became the advisor because the club ended up being ineligible for club status.”

When asked as to why the club was ineligible, Engler said she could not comment on that.

Both Grisham and Clifton say they had no idea that the club had been ineligible for club status and didn’t even know that Engler was never actually an advisor to the club.