ARC plant sales grow horticulture department funds


Nicole Gruggs an Intrum Administrative assistant examines a plant during a plant sale hosted by the horticulture department.

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson

On Wednesday the Horticulture department hosted a plant sale to generate extra income.

The sale was located in the back of the school in the Horticulture department next to the automotive department.

Students could be seen walking back to see the various plants for sale during the days event.

Prices of the plants started as low as one dollar. The event lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Although the sale was on the American River College campus, it was not just for students.

Staff, faculty and the general public were able to attend the event.

Former ARC student Edita Turnell came to the event because she heard about it on the “Flower Talk” radio show.

“I always come here every year … I would rather support ARC than Home Depot,” said Turnell, who also planned to donate money to the program after she had bought several different plants.

Horticulture students could be seen going around from table to table to help customers either select plants or help them carry plants around.

One of the students working at the event was horticulture major James Jennings.

“The money we make here will be used to buy pots … Seeds or plants,” said Jennings.

Most of the plants at the event were grown at ARC.

If customers wanted more than one plant, baskets were available to help carry them around.

Those who were purchasing plants were only able to pay through cash since credit cards were not accepted.

Due to the drought currently affecting California, some of the plants available for sale were species that did well in dry conditions, however they were not the only plants for sale nor were they the most popular.

Another horticulture major working at the event was Luana Moore.

“In my opinion the tomatoes have sold the most, said Moore. “Tomatoes are awesome. I heard a lot of comments around here that people were feuding over if there were anymore.”

Added Moore: “We have another (plant sale) April 29.”