ARC hosts Winter Sale

A market was held inside the American River College student center Thursday that sold items such as jewelry, belts, bags, and wallets.

David Hewgill, owner of a kettle corn business, has been selling his wares at ARC and other community colleges since his business began in 2003.

“Usually when I come to ARC business is great. Students come up to me with smiles on their faces excited to buy kettle corn,” said Hewgill.

Hewgill says he arrived at ARC at 7 a.m. to set up his booth by the entrance of the cafeteria at the start of the event.

Another stand at the market was ran by Mexsil Jewelry, a company that makes sterling silver from silver mines in Taxco, Mexico.

“We’re slowly exposing our products to the community and experimenting with what sells. We really want to make Mexsil a global company that appeals to people from all walks of life,” said Karmela Tamayo, an employee for Mexsil Jewelry.

Mexsil was also at the event looking to employ photographers to help build their web presence.

This winter sale is different than the Beaver week sale held in April, and the organizers of the event wanted a “holiday flair” according to Frankie Johnson, a student personnel assistant at the Center for Leadership and Development.

The sale was originally due to be held outdoors, but was moved indoors due to weather concerns.

While some of the vendors at the sale have been attending for eight years, others are new to the event, having heard about it by word of mouth, according to Johnson.

The businesses that attend the sale come from all around the state of California, including Humboldt County, San Francisco, and Placerville.

Prices for their products range from five dollars to 150 dollars.

Kingston Yee, a vendor with East Meets West, sells items such as scarves, cases, plaques and bags from all around the world.

Yee has been selling his products at ARC for about nine years, coming to both sales in December and April.

“Business was better in the early 2000s. It’s a bit slower now but it’s not to bad,” he said.

Jennifer Scalzi-Pesola, a shopper, said she enjoys some of the changes that the sale brings.

“I think it’s a fun change of pace to have an event like this with students and staff,” she said.

Johnson says the school holds between four and five events like this each year, with some lasting four days and others lasting three.


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