Horticulture department hosts plant sale

The horticulture department at American River College hosted a plant sale on Thursday, selling decorative houseplants, exotic plants, fruits and vegetables, and even herbs.

The club also provided books that can be used as a guide to tending to your new plants.

All the plants on sale were grown by the horticulture students on ARC’s campus, and most plants for sale were grown by the students selling them.

The horticulture department sometimes gives the culinary arts department herbs and fruit, in which the students have made wine right here on campus.

Roberto Camncho has been active in this class for 3 years, and participated in his third plant sale Thursday.

Camncho said he loves being a part of the class and being able to talk about all the different kinds of plants.

Anthony Davis, who is in his third year with Horticulture 316, says the course gives him valuable skills he can use later.

“I can take the skills I’ve learned to a career like landscaping or irrigation technology. I’ve had the opportunity to use machines and tools like a bulldozer,” said Davis.

All funds made from the plant sale go back into the horticulture department, and pays for equipment, plants, soil, and nutrients.

Debbie Flower, a horticulture professor at ARC, says the class receives salvaged plants from the Floral Supply Syndicate, a family owned floral business that has been active since 1939.

Prices for some plants were as little as $3 dollars, while more exotic plants were more expensive.

The club holds the sale once every semester, and will hold one again in the Spring semester.

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  1. Hello, I am a previous horticulture student at the college. I am aware of the awesome pants offered for sale by the department and I writing to find out the date of your spring plane sale.
    Thank you

  2. Today, April 13, 2016 from 10 am – 2 pm.

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