The Parents of ARC

Everyday the average student at American River College must juggle school, work, and their social life. However, there are students on campus that deal with all these obstacles while also raising a child.

As most parents know, raising a child can be very time consuming. Yet there are many students at ARC that are working through school while also taking care of their young ones.

Many of these moms and dads cherish the opportunity to bring their children to school. Most say they like to spend quality time together and don’t see their presence as a distraction.

One such student, Mary-Grace Hassebrock, is taking general education courses while raising two children. She has people to look after her kids while she is in class, but the rest of her time is put into caring for her three year old son Scotty and her five year old daughter Marie.

At home, Hassebrock’s husband works late, so she has to wait for her kids to go to bed before she can start on school work. She says it’s very time consuming and on most nights she goes to bed late.

Sleep deprived and working extra hours at night to study makes it hard to keep up with the pace. Still, many of these mothers and fathers have the willpower to complete their everyday tasks.

Another student-parent at ARC, Summer Rocha, takes care of her daughter Erin while attending classes.

Rocha emphasized that it is important to have people who can help you manage the stresses of raising a child and going to school at the same time.

“Register for child development early, and have other people that can help you,” said Rocha.

Rocha says the only drawback is having less time to study, but spending time with her daughter makes up for it.

Jorge Riley, who was elected ASB Student Senate president in last spring’s election over opponent Tamara Dunning by a margin of 62 votes, but whose election was invalidated for reasons the administration and the ASB have not disclosed, is a proud father of two children,  six-year-old Jacob Riley and ten-year-old Katlyn Riley. Riley says he only brings his son to school about once a week and calls a babysitter when he is class.

Riley is currently taking 15 units while also homeschooling his son. However, Riley enjoys being able to teach his son and prepare him for a successful future.

“Whatever it is I do, I do for my children,” said Riley.

Riley enjoys bringing his son to campus because it allows him to see Jacob interact with other students.

“Have faith in what kids do, and let kids explore and make corrections as needed,” said Riley.

Riley also says bringing kids to the campus reminds students that this is a family based campus.

Many parents who have children drop out of school because it becomes too much pressure. Despite this pressure, these parents are determined to make a better life for themselves and for their children.

ARC offers child day care programs for parents, including their toddler program, their preschool program, and their program for school age children.

Students looking this daycare program are advised to prepare ahead of time, and to make sure they qualify for these programs.

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