Cultural melting pot at Multicultural Day


Brandon Nelson

The ARC Latin Jazz Ensemble, led by professor Dyne Eifertsen, performs at Multicultural Day on May 1.

The smells of freshly made pancakes, pirozhki and tamales. The sounds of world music and imagery of Eastern European architecture displayed on tables surrounded by members from multiple American River College clubs. These are all stimulated senses students may have experienced at the Multicultural Day celebration in front of the student center Thursday.

The event is organized by the ARC Equity Committee and co-chaired by Tatyana Torgashev and Carlos Reyes.

Reyes, who is also the dean of behavioral and social science, said the Equity Committee’s primary responsibility is representing ARC students and promoting diversity on campus. The committee collaborates with the Club and Events Board to organize and schedule club events throughout the semester.

Torgashev is also a part of the Eastern European Group, a cultural club on campus.

She set out the pirozhki and chiburekki, and mixed together the blackcurrant raspberry punch. Blackcurrant is a woody shrub native to temperate parts of central or eastern Europe.

Over at the Multicultural Club’s table President Monica Williams and Brittany Spicer, director of public relations and media, cooked up some pancakes.

Spicer said the Multicultural Club, formerly known as the International Students Association, holds community service events including canned food drives and the Relay for Life last month.

The club also goes on trips, most recently to San Francisco to visit art museums in April.

One of the groups set to perform was the ARC Latin Jazz Ensemble, led by professor Dyne Eifertsen.

Also performing at the event is Kristina Oselsky, a singer who has been on talent shows like “The X Factor.”

Kassia Siakov, student and member of the Eastern Europe Group, was pretty excited for Oselsky’s performance.

“She’s really good,” said Siakov. “If you ask anyone (in the Eastern Europe Group) they’ll know her,” she said.

Participating clubs with tables at the event were the Latinos Unidos, Multicultural Club, the Veg Fit Club and the Eastern Europe Group.

The members of Latinos Unidos were promoting their club and selling tamales.

“The food is good, the music is great. I think (multicultural day) is pretty fun,” said Alex Smith, a student enjoying a tamale at the event.