Library receives a large influx of students toward the end of the semester

The American River College library is a great tool for students to use throughout the semester. Although the library is open to students all semester long, it’s normally towards the end when people see a large influx of students at the library.

The library offers students close to 125 computers and laptops for school use and 19 study rooms that are open to all students when available according to librarian Linda Shoemoke.

 “A really great thing is that most of our resources are available online,” Shoemoke said at the end of her shift. “Just to access our books, e-books magazines, journals, newspapers and other databases from anywhere anytime, and so that’s really a huge thing.”

“The real peak is kind of in Oct. around midterm time, that’s when a lot of papers are due,” said Shoemoke. “Right now it’s crazy too. Students are rushing to get papers done and they need help printing out papers and that sort of thing.”

“Closer to finals I’m in here every week,” Alysia Broddrick, an engineering major said. 

Two librarians are always stationed at the research desk while another is by the computers to help out any students that may need it.

Walking through the library students are seen studying, reading books, typing out essays or even sleeping and slacking off. “There’s some people that are here just to sleep in between classes or just stare at their laptops… or just to talk or make-out,” said Broddrick.

“It’s harder to get into the study rooms and there’s more people in the study areas,” Broddrick, said. 

Daniel Grenz, an undecided major, said that he uses the library throughout the semester equally. “At my house I have my roommates who are always hooting and hollering and playing videogames,” he said. “When I come to school, it’s the best place to go to a quiet place and do homework.”

 “During finals I’m spending more time here,” said Grenz. “There’s people here all semester but there’s way more people here during finals.”

Sure, the student center is also an option for students to study in, but the noise level could make it slightly difficult to concentrate.

“I like the library more,” said Grenz, “it depends on what kind of studying. When it comes to reading it’s better because there is less noise.”

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