Music in stereo, without the types

Cintia Lopez and Cintia Lopez

Classical, folk, country, rock, pop, punk, metal, pop-punk, punk-rock, dub-step, hip-hop, rap.

Each genre is different, and yet subtly the same when heard with an open mind and an ear. Music, like other forms of media out there, can often change the way a person views life or acts.

From the meme that names a band and offers up different perceptions of their fans, to the meme about lyrics, there is always a musical stereotype for people to either ridicule or fit into.

“I’m sure people look at me and are probably like, “he just likes rap,” said Leighton Jenkins, a communications major. “I’m black, you see the way I dress…with the hoodie…Nikes. Jenkins also said that the perception that all black people only listen to rap music “is the most common stereotype that people can’t seem to break from.”

“It all depends upon the individual and how susceptible they are to what they hear, and how it influences their life,” said music professor Dyne Eifertsen in an email to The Current.

Jillian Kamely, a nursing major who also works at local concert venue Ace of Spades said, “I would say more the pop stuff, and the — I guess it’d be considered — emo brings a younger crowd for the most part.”

“Obviously, classic rock is going to bring out an older crowd,” said Kamely, “people that have been listening to rock since they were in high school. Then there are hip-hop shows that bring out people from all walks of life. Country obviously brings out … a really mixed crowd. It just depends on if you grew up listening to country or not.”

Bridget Sutherland, a computer information technology major said she listens to alternative music, and believes that it may be a genre others would be surprised she listens to. “I like (the song) Royals (by Lorde).”

“I would say the stereotype that definitely is there is, for the most part for hip-hop, is ignorance,” said Kamley. “(The stereotype is that hip-hop fans are) completely ignorant and disrespectful. Tech9 (fans) tend to break that stereotype.”

“Obviously there is music out there that is very explicit and I think can influence its listeners as they hear it over and over again,” said Eifertsen. “Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to society to decide. Music can have a huge impact on its audience, just as film, television, and video games can influence a person’s demeanor.”