Sactown is a good place to live

Sacramento ranks 16 on the Livability Index: The Best U.S. Cities For People 35 and Under, according to This study took into account areas such as unemployment rates, average rent and factors that appealed to young people such as places to get cheap takeout and number of nail shops.

According to the survey, the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $980 a month.  This is relatively inexpensive compared to San Francisco, where the average cost is $4000, or San Jose at $2,200.

“It’s definitely cheaper here,” said Jazmin Vasquez, an undecided major. “The cost of living is definitely way better here.”

Although Vocativ ranks the number of music venues, which is 10.3 per 100,000 people, it doesn’t take into account the number of nightclubs or other activities available for young people.

The age group included in the study is broad, ranging from 18-35, however the 18-20 crowds may not be able to attend many nightclubs, since most are 21 and over. According to CBS News, the best places for nightlife for the 21 and under crowd are Ace of Spades, Laughs Unlimited, and Bisla’s.

“I go to SF (San Francisco) a lot, so compared to here and SF, I feel like since I am 18, I can do more in SF than I can here nightlife wise,” said Vasquez. “There’s not as much to do around here compared to SF.”

“I think it’s about what you like. If you live the night life then you’re obviously going to pay more, but if you like this environment but it’s not that much of a nightlife, then you’ll like the pricing, so I think it’s your choice,” Vasquez said.

Sacramento also ranked number 5 among the top 10 cities for biking and walking, and number 6 according to the number of vintage clothing shops.

And if Sacramento isn’t the place for you, then you might want to consider moving to Portland, Ore., which ranks number 1 on the list due to its “strong job market, cheap utilities and vibrant music scene.”

“I think the best part about living here is the trees, and the worst part is that there are some really rude people living here,” said Hannah Marshall, an undecided major.

Still, there are some things that you can only learn about Sacramento by actually living here.

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