Cheap date ideas for your special someone

Jessica Maynard and Jessica Maynard

Dinner and a movie are typically the norm for dates. With these unique date ideas, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable night.

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride – This date will give you a new perspective on the city. Grab a thermos and a blanket and cuddle up in the back of a horse drawn carriage together. This date will give you a chance to interact with each other with limited distractions, and also gives you the opportunity to take in scenery you normally wouldn’t notice.

Prices: $10 for a 10-15 minute tour through Old Sacramento. $25 for a 20-25 minute tour by the Sacramento River. $30 for a 30-35 minutes ride by the river and through Crocker Park. The last package is $50, lasts an hour, and includes everything listed above, plus a chance to walk up to the State Capitol.

Museums – Whether you’re fresh out of high school or 98 years old, you will enjoy this entertaining, yet educational, date. Museums always have something new to see. They change their exhibits on a regular basis. In order for the date to be successful, each of you should choose two or three exhibits you would like to see, plan ahead, and this date will be one of the most memorable you’ve been on.

Prices: Entry to the Crocker Art Museum is $10 for general admission, and $8 for students and seniors. Certain holidays are free. The third Sunday of each month is “Pay As You Wish Sunday.” If you bank with Merrill Lynch or Bank of America, the first weekend of each month gets you free admission. The California State Railroad Museum  is $10, and the California Automobile Museum is $4.

Play Tourist – If you’re unable to take your dream vacation, then go sightsee Sacramento. Even if you’ve lived here since you were born, chances are you haven’t seen everything this city has to offer. Go online, find travel guides, and put together a list of places you would like to see. Grab your significant other, a camera, and you’re ready to go.

Prices: Free